Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know I have been a very, very, very bad blogger in the last month... but holy crapoly maaaaan! I have been SO busy and SO exhausted it's not even funny. I started two online classes that I think get's their homework assignments from the Devil, am in the process of switching jobs (start the new one MONDAY!), and have had some other life changing things happen that I will discuss at a later date.

On another the hell do you combine multiple videos taken from an iPhone, rotate them so you don't have to stare at your screen sideways, and make them viewable? I have a "full" video (in 4 parts right now) of the bridal party entrances that my cousin taped with his phone, but can't get them together.. hrmm.

Also, our pictures came. *smashes head on desk* NOT happy. Not happy in the slightest, teeniest, minute-est bit. The majority of them are extremely washed out by the way overpowering remote flashes he set up. They look rushed and thoughtless. The composition is crap too. All the beautiful pictures we saw in his albums are not the pictures we got from our wedding. Now I will admit, there are a handful of good pictures that he took, but there is something in all of them composition wise that makes me cringe and think "if he had just asked so-and-so to move their foot or hand, or stand a little differently, the picture would be SO much better!"

He missed so many important things all together... like the reaction on our faces when we saw each other for the first time. All we got was a picture of me walking up, then us hugging afterwards. WHAT THE FLYING FUUUCK YO?! Ugh. I specifically told him how important that was to me...and he seemed to understand. How hard is it to stand there, facing two people from the side and take pictures? I don't get it. He didn't take any artsy fartsy pictures of all of the small details... Only one hand picture for the rings.. not pics of the rings themselves. No bouquet pictures from close up, only from afar in other pictures. Zac's mom worked so hard on those! He should have taken better pictures.

I am SOOO glad that one of my bridesmaids, A, took some pictures in the hotel room while we were waiting on the photographer to show up. If she hadn't, I wouldn't have any pictures (good ones anyway) of my shoes or the rings. OR of any of us getting ready AT ALL! She definitely got some great photos that I am SOOO very grateful for! She even took one of my most favorite pictures from the wedding while I was tossing the bouquet!

(All of the following pictures are taken by her and NOT our photographer unless otherwise noted!)
My sister is the front runner there, and my mom is standing in the corner to the left, with her hair up in the red dress.. She looks like she's about to run out onto the floor too! haha. But my little Bean missed the bouquet by INCHES, and the lady in black right behind her ended up catching it, and taking an elbow to the face. (Still undetermined if Bean's elbow ACTUALLY made contact...but it was funny nonetheless.)
Checking to make sure she's ok! :) And UGH. Look at my  hair! CRAP I tell you! C-R-A-P. This is how my hair looks when I don't blow dry it... slightly wavy, and messy. I coulda done that for FREE!!

Remember when I mentioned that the venue ruined my cake top? Well, this picture is after I already fished out the skeleton topper that was laying down INSIDE of the top of the cake, completely engulfed in gross black frosting...


And Zac and I with the cake (ack! my arms are HUGE):


After the wedding, everyone hung out in our hotel room drinking and having a good time. Some of them also slipped away to do VERY BAD THINGS to Zac's car. I surrendered the keys, and pleaded with them so they wouldn't do anything to mine I was totally against it!

My little Bean acting special...

Some of the devilish things that went into Zac's car...(I think Bean took this pic with A's camera)

Another pic of Zac's car taken by a guest.

Sooo anyway. If you want to look at our pictures.. feel free! They are posted on shutterfly and password protected... and the password is: ericaandzac (so creative!).