Monday, January 2, 2012

Battling Diaper Rash in Cloth Diapers

Rylee got a diaper rash about 3 weeks ago, and it started to get better, but then got progressively worse. :( When I took her to the Pediatrician last week, she said it wasn't yeast (which I thought it was because it was SO PERSISTENT) and wasn't fungal. She suggested we try Lotrimin (for foot fungus!). She said the rash looked like it was from Rylee pooping SO.MUCH. I think she has very acidic poos and pees. So for the last week, Rylee has been in disposables instead of her adorable cloth diapers so we could use non-cloth diaper safe creams to clear it up.

You always hear that babies don't get rashes very often with cloth diapers...but they have been pretty regular for us. I stopped using some things that we had been putting on her during each diaper change to see if she was allergic to any of them.

Rockin Green Laundry Detergent? I thought maybe I wasn't getting the diapers clean enough, or rinsing then out well enough. I washed them in multiple hot washes with and without detergent, and then multiple rinses.

Grandma El's diaper cream? Worked to clear up redness for awhile, but then the rash just wouldn't go away.

Wipes solution in a spray bottle? Used it during each change before wiping her bum with cloth wipes to make sure she was clean. Boasts soothing/minute healing properties from it's natural ingredients... Made some redness go away but also came back later.

CJ's BUTTer Plus (for yeast)- Didn't use it long enough to see if it helped.

By the time we got the BUTTer in the mail, the rash had already progressed to open sores. :(They weren't so bad that they were bleeding, but her poor bum was pretty raw. It made me feel like suck a horrible mom to have let her get so bad!!! We tried everyhting we knew to try. I even gave her oatmeal baths which seemed to help a little, to soothe her skin. Airing her bum out helped some too...

Her rash is pretty much gone now. Just two teeny spots that need to finish healing, and it's all gone. Good thing too because I just changed her diaper, and we are down to our last one!

Using disposables over the last week has proven to me further why I chose to use cloth. (1) Price. Cloth is so much cheaper in the long run! Luckily we didn't have to buy any because all of the diapers we had were from my Baby Shower diaper cake. (2) The smell. Not a bad smell.. but a chemical smell. As soon as Rylee pees in the disposable diaper, you can smell this perfume-y odor. They were even advertised as 'sensitive' and 'perfume free' diapers. Then why could I smell them? All those chemicals against her bum. Yuck.

I'm glad we are put of disposables. I want to get her back into her cloth ASAP! Everyone who changes her is just going to have to get used to checking her diaper frequently, and changing her as soon as she gets wet or poos.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 1, Rylee's original due date

Age: 84 Days/12 weeks
Gestational Age: 0 Days

I love staring at Rylee when she sleeps. Her perfectly smooth baby skin is so pretty and her big pouty lips are adorable.

Today was the day she was SUPPOSED to be born. I'm not happy that she came 3 months early, but I am glad I get to spend this extra time with her before she starts talking and telling me not to kiss her in public because it's embarrassing.

As of our Pediatrician visit on Wednesday December 28th, she weighs 6 pounds, 6 ounces!

Christmas weekend was spent at my parent's house. My dad went out and bought two real trees this year after having not put up a tree since I moved out over 3 years ago. Rylee enjoyed eating, sleeping and pooping. I got to SLEEP as much as I wanted to while my mom and sister fought over who got to take care of Rylee and who got to hold her next.

It was nice spending time with them and being able to relax! Here are some pictures from that weekend! :D

In her Christmas Jammies
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
From Santa