Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh My...

As far as our guests are concerned, the wedding was FABULOUS.

My opinion on the matter however, is slightly less chipper. SO many things went wrong it's ridiculous.

Here are just a few things that went wrong  (I will elaborate more on the day later).
  1. Most of the flowers died, and my bouquet froze in the hotel fridge. My MIL was in charge of doing all of the flowers, and had to scatter around town looking for replacements the Friday before, and the day of the wedding.
  2. It was pouring cats and dogs off and on ALL day, with periodic breaks of sunshine. None of which occurred DURING the ceremony (the sunshine that is), but 30 minutes afterwards. Our ceremony ended up being inside.
  3. The curl in my hair didn't even last until the hair/makeup girls left, so it looked like crap for the wedding.
  4. They had to re-do my mom's hair THREE times because they could not do what she was asking for, even though they claimed they could.
  5. Lots of things were missing at the reception-including 90% of my guestbook pages, so only 20ish people filled out pages out of 75.
  6. The photographer was 4+ hours late. Wasn't really sure when he was going to show up, one day he said 10:45am, then Friday he said 1:00pm. He showed up at 4:30. Wedding started at 5:30pm and we still had to do bridal party photos.
  7. All of the photos were VERY rushed.
  8. We didn't get ANY detail photos taken, which were very important to me because there were so many little details I wanted captured. Luckily one of my bridesmaids does photography as a hobby and took a few pictures for me of our rings and stuff before our actual photographer showed up! THANKS ASHLEY!
  9. The wedding cake had black frosting, and most of our guests mouths and teeth were nasty after eating it.
  10. The cake was gross, looked nice, but gross (at least I was not impressed).
  11. It was also melting, and the cake topper was SINKING into the top of the cake. They lady added NO supports whatsoever. Our cake topper weighs a pound!! And she knew this beforehand.
  12. Cake Massacre! The venue ruined the top of our cake. It looked like they put it in the box, and threw it on the floor. When we got back to the hotel, I opened it to find my cake topper smashed down inside the middle of the cake, and the cake itself spread all over the inside of the box. No anniversary cake for us!
  13. The venue forgot a lot of small details that they said they would provide... like table numbers! Luckily Zac's brother's wife took care of it!
Here are a few guest photos until I get some better quality ones! (The quality of these is too terrible to make any bigger! SORRY!)

And sorry for the wonky picture arrangement....blogger is not my friend today....

Taking pictures before the ceremony. Notice lack of curl in hair?!

Seriously...my hair looks like crap.

After our bridal  party entrance...

Taking more pictures, while hiding from the rain.

You can see behind us where we were SUPPOSED to get married! BOO!

The surprise part of our first dance!

The cake!!!! ^^
 That's all for now! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three More Days!

I can't wait to share more info about the wedding with everyone! I want to post more, but I still want some things to remain a surprise for family and guests!

3 more days! Oy. It's supposed to rain all day today, and then not again until Saturday. Of course our wedding day would be sandwiched in between 2 days of sunshine and warmth! Blah.

Have you ever heard people say that rain on your wedding brings good luck? Well, I have.. at least 300 times this week already. If one more person says that to me, I'm bound to go postal. I might sound crazy...but here is my logic.

If good luck is:
- My hair not holding it's style and falling out because of the rain (which it ALWAYS does)
- not having anywhere to take decent pictures inside
- everything being extremely muddy
- the fact that our ceremony is OUTSIDE and will have to be moved into the huge ballroom
- all the money spent on things to decorate outside

Then it will be the BESTEST LUCK EVAR. *sigh* I know everyone says that on your actual wedding day, that stuff won't matter.. Well, you don't know me then! haha. Everything else up until this point has been pretty sucky, so those things are the only things that I really wanted to go smoothly! Here's hoping!

Zac picked up his suit yesterday. He said it felt very weird because the pants were poofy and didn't fit the same way he was used to. He sent me this little picture as a teaser.


I'm so excited to see him and the guys all dressed up. I LOVE these shoes.

I WILL be back to post lots more after the wedding...until then, I have much to do before becoming a Mrs!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Deets Part 5: Fauxto Booth props

I'm a little hesitant to post pictures of the props I made, because I kinda want them to be a surprise at the wedding! But, I don't think very many of our guests read my blog.. so I think it's ok to share.

Everything was made from items purchased at Hobby Lobby (which I am addicted to like crack! Why must they sell such awesome stuff?!).

Props in this photo include items made from: wood- the star wand (which still needs ribbon) and the pirate mask (premade from HobLob, I just painted it); stiff felt sheets- mustaches and the two pairs of red retro glasses, as well as the black ball on the green microphone; sheets of foam paper stuff- weiner, kanye west blue glasses, broken heart, giant mouths and pirate patch; the two masks were also acquired form HobLob, one was painted silver with red feathers glued on, and the other was painted black first, then covered with red and black feathers.

There is also an abundance of old bead necklaces from one boobie showing or another...
Two empty picture frames for people to.. well, frame themselves with and two chalkboards (one not pictured that I just painted last night on an old piece of canvas).  The red and black chalkboard is from Wal Mart and  was about $3 and came unfinished. It's pretty much layered pieces of MDF, and is VERY rough on the edges... so if you buy something like this from Wal Mart, make sure you sand it first. The chalkboard paint and red paint I already had...

Here's a close up of the two masks. They had strings on them so you could put them on your face, but we cut those off and glued 12 inch dowel rods painted black on them instead.

The giant lips are from HobLob too, from the Valentine's Day section.. they were a random purchase (only $1) and I thought it would be funny.

Ain't he just darlin?!
 The foam sheets of "paper" came in a pack of 30-40 pages, and cost about $10. I still have tons left. We probably used maybe 5 sheet's max from the pack.

The stiff felt  sheets were $0.50-$0.75 each (I can't remember exactly), and we bought 3 (red, black and brown). It's perfect for the mustaches, and holds up nicely. No need to glue the shapes to cardboard for support.

The feathers came in a package and cost about $2.00, and we still have TONS left. Masks were $1.99 each...paint I already had in various colors. The pirate mask was $1.00 and so was the wooden star. The pack of dowels came 12 to a pack for about $2.00 or so.  The two frames I already had, but I got from Goodwill awhile back for a buck or two each...

All together, we spent less than $25 on items for props!!! That's great! I'm pretty sure we had a coupon or two as well, so the cost could very well have been under $20, and I still have a lot of stuff left over for future projects!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Twelve Days...

... 'Til I am a Mrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TWELVE friggen days. Where did the time go? It seems like not to long ago it was late July and we had just gotten engaged. Why must time go by so quickly???

There is still much to be done. Mostly little things... but of course they are the most tedious.

Programs still need to be made. Vows need to be finalized. The program for the photobooth needs some fine tuning and we need to make little cards with information on where to find the pictures after the wedding, and also where people can upload them! Doesn't seem like much... but we are perfectionists... and if the graphics don't look good they ain't goin on the stuff!

I created a shutterfly account and site for our guests to upload the pictures they take... and since we opted out of printing the fauxto booth pictures out AT the wedding, we are going to upload those on here too. (the site is password protected for now)

The Friday before the wedding, I have a ton of errands to run... hopefully I can have someone else do a few of them.. but if not, I am going to be busy busy!