Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three More Days!

I can't wait to share more info about the wedding with everyone! I want to post more, but I still want some things to remain a surprise for family and guests!

3 more days! Oy. It's supposed to rain all day today, and then not again until Saturday. Of course our wedding day would be sandwiched in between 2 days of sunshine and warmth! Blah.

Have you ever heard people say that rain on your wedding brings good luck? Well, I have.. at least 300 times this week already. If one more person says that to me, I'm bound to go postal. I might sound crazy...but here is my logic.

If good luck is:
- My hair not holding it's style and falling out because of the rain (which it ALWAYS does)
- not having anywhere to take decent pictures inside
- everything being extremely muddy
- the fact that our ceremony is OUTSIDE and will have to be moved into the huge ballroom
- all the money spent on things to decorate outside

Then it will be the BESTEST LUCK EVAR. *sigh* I know everyone says that on your actual wedding day, that stuff won't matter.. Well, you don't know me then! haha. Everything else up until this point has been pretty sucky, so those things are the only things that I really wanted to go smoothly! Here's hoping!

Zac picked up his suit yesterday. He said it felt very weird because the pants were poofy and didn't fit the same way he was used to. He sent me this little picture as a teaser.


I'm so excited to see him and the guys all dressed up. I LOVE these shoes.

I WILL be back to post lots more after the wedding...until then, I have much to do before becoming a Mrs!!


  1. congrats!! so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Oooh so exciting! I hope for your sake the rain is minimal or nonexistent (rain is one of my biggest wedding fears). Either way, it's your WEDDING DAY! Love the heck out of it and your man!