Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1 leak, 2 leak, 3 leak, floor!

With home ownership comes fixing things, frustration and empty bank accounts.

Who knew?! Apparently everyone but me. I guess I just thought money came out of my parent's butts and things fixed themselves, when I was growing up. WROOOONG!

[I WILL post pictures soon.. I have lots. I'm just being lazy]
The weekend of March 26th, we had lots of help fixing things around the house. Zac's oldest brother built us a pantry; our cabinet doors were hung; shelf liners were meticulously cut by myself and Zac's sister-in-law Jen and placed inside the cabinets for protection against the nastiness I could not seem to remove; plumbing issues were fixed, and fixed again; and our door frame to the laundry room was replaced because it was too small to allow us to bring in our washer and dryer— so it was cut out!

Now, I don't know what is wrong with this house, but practically EVERY valve attached to some water producing mechanism was seized or leaking.

1 leak.

I wanted to do some laundry. But I wasn't allowed. When I turned the water on at the main valves, it started pouring out all over the floor in the laundry room. Hand tighten the valves? Check.

Why did no one do this before?!

2 leak.

The kitchen sink and basement sink are dripping copious amounts of water all over the cabinet/floor. It's ok. I like putting my cleaning supplies under the sink and watching them topple over because the bottom of the cabinet is warped!


3 leak.

Oh HAI! My name is outside spigot. If you turn me on, I will only spit out an iiiity bitty bit o water…if you open up my valve a little more, I will dump water all over the place, causing your precious new flowers to unbury their roots and run down the hill! But I must warn you, if you turn me back off I am going to continue to leak for 2 days until you notice, adding another $50 or so to your next water bill. SOWWY!


Saturday morning, when we got to the house after packing everything we owned into 3 pick-up trucks (times 3 or 4 more trips), we noticed water pouring out of the siding on the back of the house.

"Gee. Where is all that ice coming from?" I noticed icicles hanging down while standing underneath our deck, so I went upstairs and commented on it, and low and behold- there is a huge sheet of ice on top of the deck, icicles on the kitchen window, and water pouring down through the siding of our house.

I can't wait to get our water bill!!

The tubing going from the wall to the toilet was not tightened enough, so the toilet upstairs was running ALL night, and dumping gallons of water all over the bathroom and outside the house. Now we have an ugly water stain on our ceiling in the kitchen close to the window, and slightly rippled siding.




On another note.. I stripped and refinished Zac's college table. Turns out it's a beautiful red oak. I still need to seal it, so I will be sharing soon!!! Don't give up hope on me yet!

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  1. Buying a home seems so stressful! A little part of me is glad I'm still wayyyyy too immature for all that... :-)