Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm a slacker

Do you ever WANT to do something really bad, but at the same time not want to do it at all? (No no no. Not that. Pervs.) That's how I have felt about my blog.. I have been extremely lazy with uploading photos from my camera and sorting them... but I'll try to pick it back up.

TRY I said.

I've done a bunch of random little projects around the house and ignored all of the big major ones. Go figure. I have become obsessed with spray paint (black mostly) and started a collection of items to be used when making/refinishing stuff, but haven't actually done anything with any of it yet.

I did however, buy and re-do a mirror for Zac's bathroom, build (with Zac's help of course, because I get extremely frustrated when something isn't working the way I want it) a coat rack/shelf for the entry way, finish my dining room table, purchase chairs for the dining room table and buy fabric to recover them, and spray paint anything I didn't like the natural color of. :)

Tonight I promise to post pictures. LOTS of them.. Maybe I will save your eyes from photo hell and post some tonight and some tomorrow..

Depends on how lazy I am.

For now.. here's a sneak peak of the shelf we built. Because I posted pictures on Facebook instead of here.. because I love it more.

I bought 2 of these brackets from Goodwill for 75 cents each because I am awesome like that.
 Then we bought some wood at ACE Hardware for less than $5. Zac pre-drilled the holes for me because he doesn't trust me with power tools that damage things. Meanie.

Loki also brought us his bone to play with while we were measuring and being crafty. The wood was getting more attention than he was. He's rude like that.

Before I save and sign off, I will leave you with a photo that will threaten the mojo of all men forever...

Loki stole it all.   "Helloooooooooooooo Ladies"

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