Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jazzin up the entryway wall

I promised more photos! MORE MORE MORE. YAY!

On that note.. here's my shelf I mentioned in this post in all its glory. 

Wanna know the best part of building this shelf?? I drilled the holes for the knobs in it myself before Zac could do it for me. MUAHAHAHAHA!

He was kinda sad when he walked into the kitchen and saw the sawdust on the floor and half of the knobs already screwed in. How could I be so hateful to take his job away from him?! 

It happens. 

Stained, sanded and sealed. 
A word of advice to those of you planning on using polyurethane in a spray can- don't.  It gloops and dries funny and not smoothly. Or maybe I just didn't do it right. Who knows. I would have preferred to just use a little wipe on poly, but I bought the can so I figured I'd use it.

Close-up of color
Here it is hung on the wall with my new mirror I got at Ross for $15. Win. 

 I have bomb diggity photo skills with my non-digital SLR camera. Take that other bloggers with awesome pictures!

I also redid the candle holders.. They were brass. And OOOGLY. I hate brass with a passion. A little sanding, some primer and a couple coats of white paint and you have a pretty white candlestick! Then about 3 weeks later I got bored with the white and wiped some stain on them while I was staining this shelf. Now they are a greyish-whiteish-blackish color. Yea. That.

All in all, this project cost me about $31.50. This includes the mirror- $15 from Ross, wood- $4 from ACE, brackets- $1.50 from Goodwill, knobs- $10 total ($2.50 each with coupon at Home Depot. I kinda splurged on these!) and leftover stain from doing my table and the can of Poly I bought that I thought I was going to use on my table and never got around to. 

I found this shelf at Target  (below) before we built ours. It was perfect for the entry wall, but the price was not. If I remember correctly it was about $50-60. Pshaw!

Ok I'm tired... and Cake Boss is on TLC and Buddy and his sister Mary are fighting so I can't give this my full attention. 

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with TLC and about 90% of its shows? No? 

Until next time!

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