Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Platinum, It's got a fancy diamond...

... It's an ENGAGEMENT RING! And it's on MYYYY FINGER!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Zac proposed on Saturday the 24th in New York City on top of the Empire State Building. Cutesy huh!?

He's awesome. Like, a LOT awesome. I am so happy!

So how did he do it? You ask? Well.....

We were going to New York to video tape our day and submit it to this YouTube project called Life In A Day. So Zac, my sister and I took the MegaBus up there to spend the day. I would totally recommend using Megabus too. It cost about $44 bucks for each of us round trip from DC to NYC, and I think it was only that expensive because we waited till the last  minute to book our tickets.

The bus was full, but we left so frickin early in the morning, we mostly slept the whole way. It took about 4 hours to get there and was much better than us driving ourselves to a city we had never been to before.. We soooo would have gotten lost.

We were dropped off on a street somewhere, stopped in a Starbucks to go to the bathroom and get coffee and went on our merry way. We had absolutely no idea where we were going, but knew 5th street had lots of stuff, so we started walking that way. I kept seeing a huge building/tower thing and was like, "You guys wanna go up there?" but it never registered in my head what building it was.. We almost walked completely past it, until I looked up and saw the "Empire State Building" sign on the front. It's hard to notice when you're walking below it!
So we went in and paid retarded tourist trap amounts of money to go up to the main observatory. We were all snapping pictures and video taping the exquisite view.. at one point, Zac asked my sister to video tape and I got snappy because I didn't want them filming stupid stuff because I didn't want to submit a bunch of jumble to the contest (you aren't supposed to edit your footage). Silly me.

So while I was looking at buildings, Zac pulled out his digital camera and said "Hey look at this picture." I took the camera for him, and saw this:
"AWWWWWWWW!" I said. Then he pulled out the ring, and I was so excited I took it from him while saying "YES" and kissed him. And kissed him. And kissed him some more.

He didn't get down on 1 knee.. he didn't actually ask me to marry him because I didn't give him the chance.. but it was perfect in my mind.

And the planning begins...maybe.

View from the top:

And just for fun...



  2. AWWWW!!! what a cute proposal! :D :D :D hahaha "grumpy pants" I LOVE IT :D congratulations to you both! the ring is heartstopping!