Sunday, February 21, 2010

Harry Homeowner

The closing date is fast approaching. I'm starting to realize that we are actually buying a house. We are actually committing to this for the rest of our lives.. or until we sell. :) Does this mean I am officially a grown-up now?

I don't wanna be grown up.

The townhouse needs some work. It has good bones and brand new carpet.. as well as a fresh coat of a beigey builders grade paint on all the walls, which we will change eventually. The hardest part is done... I hope.

Here are a list of things we will be working on after closing and before our current lease is up on March 30th and probably dragging them into the next couple of months.

  • Refinish/Paint kitchen cabinets 
    • install new hardware
  • Buy refrigerator, washer and dryer (the washer and dryer in the house are filled with mold. EW!)
  • Install awesome Gothic wrought iron light fixture bought on Ebay in dining room
  • Replace/repair leaky valves:
    • in kitchen
    • in upstairs bathroom
    • on water heater
    • main water valve in basement
  • Install closet doors on all but two closets (or curtains temporarily?)
  • repair the only two closet doors we DO have
  • clean/replace shower liner in basement shower
  • remove hideous faux wood paneling in basement
  • drywall drop ceiling in basement-or find alternative solution (any ideas?)
  • build Zac's bar in basement- AKA "MAN CAVE"
  • find nice furniture on Craigslist/at Goodwill to refinish 
  • many other things..
Hopefully these won't drive us too nuts or take up too much time.. but I look forward to sharing everything with you!

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