Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work in Progress

I decided to start a new blog... I don't really know why. I have another one (you can visit it here if you want. Although it will not be updated anymore.), but lost interest in updating. I had many blogs to read daily... but always struggled to post things that I thought people would be entertained by.

I guess this is my way of sharing what I want to share now, with whomever wishes to venture into my life.. as boring as it may be.

Maybe the new house will give me plenty to blog about. Closing is March 5th. Zac and I are going out today to look at the roof. It had some dry stains when the inspector came, and we want to look at it now with all this snow to see if there are any wet ones.

More on the house and us later. For now, it is time to personalize the blog. :)

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