Monday, January 31, 2011

The Deets Part 2- THE dress

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Ignore the website I am linking to for the photos.. Pretty sure it's a scam, but it's the only place I can find pictures of my dress!!

Zac- NO LOOKING! Avert your eyes now and close this window!






Ok. So I got my dress at Alfred Angelo  in Springfield, VA. We went to a TON of dress shops before going there.. I had originally thought I wanted a different dress from AA, but when we went back a second time to try it on again, I decided I wanted to try on the dress I ended up buying a second time because it looked better on me in pictures.

When you are trying on dresses, if the bridal shop allows you to, I HIGHLY recommend you have someone take pictures of you from every side and angle. The mirrors in these places are always tilted weird and make you look a bit different than you really do. I thought a LOT of dresses looked good on me in the shop, but when we got home and I looked at the pictures, I looked terrible in many of them.

Here is the dress I originally chose. For some reason Blogger won't let me upload a picture so you will just have to click! I was going to get the color portion in their Cherry Red. I wanted an all red dress, but couldn't find one that wasn't ugly or easily accessible (everything had to be ordered as a sample, and none of the dress shops EVER called me back... more on that later).

After much consideration, and about 30 minutes of standing on the little podium thing and looking at myself in the mirror, here is the dress I finally chose, but in Ivory not white AA Style 2057 (discontinued):

The seamstress is going to remove the little white ribbon under the bust, and replace it with their Cherry red fabric, and re-apply the applique. You can see on the photo of the back side- the ribbon goes all the way around, makes a bow, and the bow's tail extends the length of the dress. This will all be red too! I need some color since I couldn't have my red dress!!

I love the train on this dress. It's not to long, and just beautiful! It definitely goes with the 1930's look I was hoping for!

The best part about this dress? It only cost $380.00 without alterations!!!! It was a discontinued style, and was the last one in the store. I believe, it was originally about a $1,000-$1,200 dress. I can't remember. Alterations are costing about $250ish which still isn't too bad! AND it fit. Everywhere except for the boobs. I'm lacking in that department. But the rest of the dress fit like a glove!

What do you think?!

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